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CMC Analytics 2020

Blockchain projects come in all shapes and sizes, but we’ve come up with a great comparison to show you where the value is at.

Github activity

Who develops technology? Developers, of course! And their work on open source blockchain projects is stored in Github. The higher the number of commits on Github, the more active the team.

Team size

We all know that it is the people that work on a project define its success. When things are going well, the company is able to expand its team and so a large and increasing team is a sign of a blockchain project on the rise. Using data from LinkedIn, CMC Analytics has compiled a list of companies with the biggest teams in the sphere.

Funds raised

Belief in a project comes from the wide community of support for it. The best way to judge how people are behind a project is to see whether they are ready to put their money where their mouth is. CMC Analytics has collected together the figures from sources such as Crunchbase on the projects with the most capital raised to realize their blockchain vision.